Bon Box

The Bon Box is a modular and customizabile jewelry box. The concept was to create separate modules for the case and interior fittings so that they can be used in 2 different ways: the interior fitting separately for travelling and the case for home. We created a general plexiglass module for the case and 4 different textile interior fittings for necklaces, rings & earrings, bracelets and statement jewelry. Each of the interior fittings can be used both inside the general plexiglass drawer and also separately folded while travelling. The textile fittings have magnetic bands inserted so that they stay closed when folded and stick together when you want to travel with more than one of these folders.


The main feature of the Bon Box is that is fully customizable according to the client’s needs. You can order as many plexiglass cases as you need, as they all have a special system to fin them one on top another. Also, you can fill the cases with any type of interior fitting you need, according to the amount and type of jewelry you have. Basically, the Bon Box is designed as a jewelry “dressing room” to fit your entire jewelry collection that you can also easily travel with.