The starting point in designing the visual identity for EYJA was creating an alter-ego able to represent the values of the brand, to reveal the spirit and the personality of the creator and at the same time to define the audience to whom the brand is addressed: the versatile woman of the contemporary society, strong and independent but at the same time delicate and spiritual. Passionate and motivated by innovation, strongly anchored in fairy tale and tradition, she is always eager to express the complexity of her femininity through an eclectic clothing style, pointing out the novelty and originality.
The brand has a generic and mainstream character, with which women can easily identify, having as a conceptual core the femininity in all its instances. With strong roots in the contemporary, the image of the brand is minimal and geometrical, inspired by Nordic design with subtle and delicate mythological details. EYJA offers us a depth of the feminine attributes, covered in a strong and minimal look.
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