Molecule 5


We were part of Electrolux Design Lab 2012, a home appliance design contest regarding digital mobility. We created Molecule 5, an intelligent molecular kitchen for one to control with your smartphone or smart pad. The concept concerns problems faced regarding daily nutrition inside the era of speed, information and technology. It has become expensive, unhealthy, fast and not the least, pleasureless. Molecule 5 is a home appliance that creates unique culinary experiences in your everyday life, taking care of your health, time, space, budget and being friendly with the environment.

Molecule 5 not only takes care of the user’s needs, but concentrates on one’s wishes, taking a turn on emotional design. It is based on the concept of molecular gastronomy, that is also referred to as ‘techno-emotional cuisine’ and it is thought to be the food of tomorrow, being a branch of the ‘haute-cuisine’. Molecule 5 has 5 main functions: storing, ordering, preparing, serving and recycling. It uses specially created food packages which are stored in the back compartment and are ordered online weekly. The packaging is water soluble and it is mechanically unwrapped and dissolved before cooking. The food is served in a 100% biodegradable table set which is thrown together with the food waste after eating. The food precessing area is provided with molecular gastronomy tools. After cooking, the food is presented on the serving area located beneath the portable smartpad, along with a notification on the user’s smartphone. After eating, the table set is placed on top of the recycling pad, disposed in the recycling compartment and pressed. Because the containings of the recycling compartment are fully organic and 100% biodegradable, the compartment is used to produce compost which is periodically taken away to be used as a fertilizer for agriculture. This way, Molecule 5 gives back to the environment.