Reverse Apartment


This interior and furniture design project outlines contrast in its every form. From light to dark, soft to rough, warm to cold or shine to shade, this minimal apartment has a sleek and contemporary atmosphere. The challenge was to create a unique spatial experience, alternating finishes and materials from very different areas of use. Both high-end materials such as natural wood, silk, glossy MDF, stone; and innovative composites like epoxy resin, plastic, plexiglass and veneer for the glossy dark walls were used. The residence was rather small, so we created a flowing open space with hidden storage space and dark color accents.
Regarding all furniture, finishes and decorations, the idea was to create a mix of contrasting elements: joining the warm oak wood floor we placed glossy black MDF pieces of furniture paired with the warm oak wooden floor. The walls are either pure satin white, either shiny anthracite either bordeaux. However, some “soft spots”were carefully placed inside the rooms to add more warmth to the space: the light textile sofa is decorated with velvet cushions, as the wall behind the bed was upholstered with grey silk. The lights are contrasting as well, either floating white blobs, either soft and hidden for a more intimate feel.