Trattoria Pocol

Trattoria Pocol is a modern urban place in the historical center of Brasov. The restaurant’s philosophy implies home made cuisine using fresh and healthy products, a friendly and familiar environment and most of all tradition. Its roots are based on the Italian heritage, coming from the Pocol area, right in the heart of the Dolomite Alps.
The major aim in developing the visual identity for Trattoria Pocol was combining the idea of a cool, friendly and urban environment with a personal and traditional note. The design of the logo was based mainly on simplicity and geometry in order to build the modern look, which we blended in with the rustic wood texture that brings out the traditional feeling.
By playing with these two elements and applying them on the stationery products in various forms, we achieved a unitary visual identity that is both fresh and urban, but also warm and approachable.
Kitchen apron with frying pan and spoon